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Digitisation is more than simply the digital capture of analogue media. Every digitisation process involves numerous stages and managing the workflow of a large digitisation project is a highly technical undertaking. Fortunately our team has been doing it for half a decade and have the experience and systems to ensure an excellent service to those organisations and individuals we partner with in getting their collections into digital form.

Above: Francis Ntsikithi loads slide images on Africa Media Online’s Fuji Lanovia Quattro scanner. The high end prepress scanner is one of the most versatile scanners ever produced.

While digitisation is often related to the conversion of analogue to digital, all but a few stages we employ in digitisation are also applicable to “born-digital” media. Managing over 100,000 digitial media files from numerous media professionals, organisations and institutions over the past decade means that we have significant experience in assisting to establish solid workflows enabling you to get your collections to the point where they can be presented to the audience you want to reach.

Any digitisation project can be divided into three primary phases:

The Decision Making Phase

The Production Phase

The Management Phase

“We picked a few hundred of the most precious images…. We transported the negatives to Pietermaritzburg and their team did a great job for us” – Prospero Bailey, Bailey’s African History Archive

“I’m favorably impressed. [The images] are very well scanned and cleaned” – Louise Gubb, Photojournalist

“We were pleased with the scanning service offered by Africa Media Online and would not hesitate to make use of them in future. The scans were of a high quality and timeously completed.” – Belinda Geyser, Photo Access Photo Library

“They have made themselves responsible for digitising and cataloguing all the photographs. And there were many more than we had thought…. I am most grateful to the team, who have come here for two whole months, in a really professional way on mass. There must have been, I think, 11 of them in all. And they came here and took over the place completely and they worked long, long hours in two shifts. It was very professionally done.” – Andrew Tracey, Professor Emeritus, International Library of African Music, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

“Am just back from my trip and received the DVDs thank you. A brief look at a few images has confirmed that you have done a very nice job scanning. I appreciate your service and will look to continue using your company in the future.” – Denny Allen, Professional Photographer

Should you want to interact with us about your potential digitisation project, contact David Larsen on +27-(0)33-345-9445 or email him on editor@africamediaonline.com.

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